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myBurgerLab Rebranding

Ideation, Branding

From local sparks to global flame…

Renowned for introducing Malaysia's first charcoal burgers, myBurgerLab has since blossomed into a successful franchise by always putting their customers’ satisfaction first through the intricate taste and authenticity of their hearty burgers. When they decided it was time to expand globally, it became apparent that a rebranding was needed. So, they turned to the experts, us.

With no time to spare, we put on our thinking caps and got to work. Though the initial vision was a retro makeover, we took a slightly different approach and went with a retro-revival, mixed with nostalgia.


Mascot & Tagline

Meet Burgerboi, whose motto is “Embracing joy at all times''. This whimsical, cheerful, and vibrant mascot embodies the myBurgerLab spirit and is dedicated to ensuring that every burger moment is unforgettable and instantly recognizable.

The tagline "Bite into Happiness" was creatively crafted to fit myBurgerLab’s essence, which is to deliver happiness at all times. Whether it’s through their mouth watering burgers or the cherished moments shared within their walls — happiness is at the heart of everything they do.

Tagline variation

We intentionally crafted a tagline featuring the word "happiness" to allow our client to generate various tagline variations, all concluding with "happiness”, as a way of reinforcing the brand's commitment to delivering joy through their burgers.

Colour Palette & Font

myBurgerLab's color palette consists of three carefully selected colors: off-white, navy blue, and green. These colors are thoughtfully distributed in varying ratios to maintain the perfect balance and harmony of the brand's visual identity.

We've opted for Lilita One as the primary typeface, striking a balance between playfulness and sophistication for myBurgerLab's branding elements. For readability in content, Kanit serves as the secondary typeface, providing a clean and straightforward design exclusively for body texts.


When it came to packaging, we aimed for myBurgerLab to have a design that enhances their brand’s presence while adding a personal touch for their consumers. So, we crafted a packaging design incorporating Burgerboi and various taglines centered around their motto, “Bite into Happiness,” along with retro-vibe elements.

Interior Decoration

Retro-revival, with a hint of playfulness

At the heart of our interior design philosophy is authenticity. In crafting the ambiance for myBurgerLab's new burger joints, we prioritized understanding the brand and its objectives. This meant immersing ourselves in the stories behind the founder, Mr. Renyi's, delicious burger creations and embracing myBurgerLab's identity.

Initially, the request was for a complete retro makeover, but we took a different approach. The final design became a retro revival with a playful twist. By blending nostalgia with forward-thinking elements, we created a space where myBurgerLab patrons could reminisce and create new memories over burgers.

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