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Unity Ride


UI/UX Design


UI/UX Design

01 TRAN$ACT with CIMB 2018

In order to further incentivise small business owners, CIMB is offering their existing customers fee waivers across different transactions.

02 CIMB BIZ123

CIMB was launching a major platform to cater to the banking needs of SME business owners. We were tasked with developing the collaterals for the product,covering a myriad of different channels, from press ads,billboards, leafets, fyers, web banners,to the on-ground event collaterals.

It’s all about the experience

To attract potential sponsors, we provided a fluid user experience (UX) and neat user interface (UI) that effectively relayed the message of Unity in an attention-grabbing and engaging fashion. We drew in potential sponsors by tapping into their emotions and sense of patriotism using a highlight video and well-written copy & content. The site played a vital role in Unity Ride’s ability to execute their plans and ideas while creating a lasting impact within the community.



The people make the difference

The website managed to convince potential sponsors to support the cause by showcasing the cyclists’ profiles; proving to them that a campaign is only as meaningful as the people running it. After all, Unity is communicated through the people’s actions.


Answering the call for Unity, a United web of success

The website managed to secure well-known brands to fund the event. Sponsors include Astro, Allianz, and Touch 'n Go, Taylor’s University, IOI City mall, Skybus, and 12 additional brands. Brands and sponsors are displayed on the site to spark top-of-mind awareness and strategic branding.



Icon Family

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